Springdale Academy brings Camps for Summer @ New Jersey – Time to Explore, Connect & Develop

As summer arrives, bright colors fill the landscape, fragrant flowers bloom, ripening trees bear fruit, and birds sing melodious songs. Having longer days has provided us with the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends, fire up the grill, and celebrate our rich red, white, and blue heritage.

Keeping summer activities on track would be remiss on our part if we failed to include the children’s camp. In order to ensure the fun and excitement continues long into vacation, we are delighted to kick off the annual Springdale Summer Camp ’22  the day after Independence Day.

Splash day and icebreaker sessions will open the welcome week so that lasting friendships and memories can be made over a cup of Italian ice.

As far as memories are concerned, most of us fondly recall the holidays spent with our families, so why not let the kids experience the same with their new friends through Winter Wonderland in July. There are snowflake ornaments, fake snow, holly wreaths, snowmen, penguins, polar bears, twinkling lights, candy canes, and the list goes on. It’s snow-much fun in the summer when winter comes!

Water balloons will replace volleyball for splash day to bring an end to the week. So don’t forget to bring beach towels as it is the perfect way to unwind during the summer.


camps for summer

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”

In the week ahead, the children will be exposed to various sports from around the world, learning the essence of teamwork and fitness. Take a trip down the memory lane with Tiny Toon’s Wild Wacky Sports as the kids compete in Ice Cream Throw, Chicken Dash, and other digital challenges. During the Water Olympics, the kids get a breather from the heat and a chance to display their athletic skills.

Did anyone say Hocus-Pocus? During the last week of July, the kids will create spells and potions while traveling the yellow brick road to Oz, which will allow them to design their mystical world.

The camps for summer that we have planned will travel into the jungles, into space, and finally through the wild west in August. Circus animals, clowns, and acrobats will captivate your children’s attention. Camp “Outside Day” ends the week-long activities by giving a shout-out to nature.

Kids will bring out their inner animals as they rock out the animal print collection in the second week. They will embark on a safari party and bear hunt to overcome their fears and make new friends with reptiles under supervision!

During Down in the Depths, the children will demonstrate their creative skills while building an aquarium and spending a day as one of their favorite sea creatures. After learning about the creatures of the deep, they will unplug with a water party, since a week about aquatic life is not complete without one.

As our camps for summer draws to a close, campers and teachers will try to have the last laugh. This will be followed by a talent show in which campers can demonstrate their talent. There’s some good news, too, we’ve added Colors to the dance party. This performance celebrates the spirit of childhood and inclusiveness with laughter. Every second counts as the campers participate in Minute to Win It at Summer Camp on a penultimate day. Carnival is the capstone event for summer camp. The kids get to enjoy funnel cake fries, kettle corn, snow cones, and so much more with their new friends before heading home.

camps for summer

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Our camps for summer also strive to promote artistic talent and build interpersonal skills. Young minds are given the chance to explore things they may never have tried before. Therefore, there is still a lot to unpack in these two months. A child’s cognitive and life skills are formed through this process. Besides learning, we want to make sure that this summer is the most memorable ever, at least until next year.

So what are you waiting for? Summer won’t last forever!

In addition to offering full-time child care and preschool, schools also offer drop-in care, before and after school programs, summer camps and more! School is committed to providing an environment that feels like home for the children in our care. Springdale Academy includes STEM, art and music programs; field trips; interactive learning games, water activities; and more!

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