Embracing Autumn with Kids! Fall Activities for Preschoolers

As a Montessori school, Springdale Academy strongly believes that nature inspires children’s curiosity and exploration. Children gain a holistic development from interacting with and immersing themselves in nature, motivating them to live an environmentally responsible life. In light of this, autumn provides us with the best opportunity to educate our kids about nature with Montessori-inspired fall activities for preschoolers that lets them develop their connection with the natural world (without outside factors hindering their progress).

“The land is where our roots are, which is why children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

The summer heat is gradually fading and getting replaced with cooler temperatures and a pleasant autumn season on the horizon. Trees shed their leaves that cover the ground like a thick blanket in the shades of red, yellow, and orange, while birds swap the cool northern temperatures for their winter homes in the south. The crisp and refreshing air gives us the perfect opportunity to get our kids involved in some Fall-themed sensory fun and learning!

Teachers at the Springdale Academy let students set the pace during these interactions. The reason for this is that they have to decide what is interesting for them. Children can find something intriguing that adults find boring. With time and space to make mistakes, correct them, and develop skills without pressure, children can create “life” with their own hands and experience the benefits of simple everyday tasks in a safe environment.

Montessori-inspired Fall Activities for Families to Engage kids

Yet why should the school have all the fun while the parents miss out on this bonding time? Let’s begin with something simple. Open the back door to your backyard, grab rakes, and gather all the leaves. This fun activity encourages motor skills development and fosters independence as they learn about different colors and shapes. Or go for a walk in the park. Children get to learn about why leaves change colors, describe the smell of rain and the cool breeze, and gather fallen pinecones and acorns for counting games. Have them describe their body’s reaction to the change in weather. Montessori education places a lot of emphasis on movement and time spent outdoors. Let’s make these values a part of our home lives as well with these engaging fall activities for preschoolers.

Moreover, autumn is incomplete without mentioning pumpkins. With Halloween just around the corner, join your child in making some traditional but spooky jack o’ lanterns. The process can be both fun and educational. Children should be encouraged to count and sort the pumpkin seeds while paying close attention to how the pumpkin feels inside. And you don’t have to limit the fun to pumpkins.

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Grab a bunch of apples from your local grocer and let your kids sort them by size, color, and variety. You’ll love watching them ‘fall’ into science. Discover how momentum works by making a ramp out of cereal boxes and rolling apples down it. After all this fun, you and the children deserve a treat, so help them make pumpkin bread, roast pumpkin seeds, or make applesauce or apple pies! Fall activities based on Montessori principles culminate in a nutritious snack. That sounds great, now doesn’t it?

Simple activities like building scarecrows out of used clothes and household items or creating impressionistic paintings using foraged leaves, fruits, or vegetables foster your child’s artistic expression through “process art,” another essential tenet of Montessori education.

Though it lasts only a short while, fall is a magnificent and enchanting season. Accompany them outside to appreciate the season’s sights, sounds, and smells. If you give your senses a chance to breathe in your surroundings, you might just experience the same sensation of amazement that children have. Join them this fall with fun & easy fall activities for preschoolers so they won’t be the only ones enjoying themselves. Springdale Academy family certainly will!

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