Springdale Academy makes New Year’s resolutions easy!

It’s finally that time of the year! 2022 has just ended, and with the start of the new year comes positivity and a desire to do things differently. Of course, we are talking about New Year’s resolutions. After all, it is a tradition, and it is even better when done together. Resolutions can begin in childhood, as creating New Year’s resolutions is a meaningful way to teach your children about goal setting, determination, and personal improvement.

The younger minds can have difficulty coming up with their resolutions, so if you lend them a helping hand, you must not command them or create goals for them. Consider offering them suggestions for resolutions and ensuring that they are realistic.

In the spirit of everyone needing a helping hand from time to time, our Montessori educators have come up with some suggestions that can make this process a lot simpler.

So, let’s get started, shall we? First things first, as adults, we know the value of focusing on one single resolution instead of a whole lot of them, so it’s the same for kids. Follow-through is key, and since these young minds are just getting started, that should always be the priority.

Start with something simple and small, like “unplugging more.” Montessori education is based on the principle that simply by living, children constantly learn from the world around them. But if their senses are occupied with screens, it is impossible to learn. Lead by example. When children see you putting down your devices, they will be inclined to follow without having conflicting feelings.

At Springdale Academy, emphasis is placed on immersion in nature. By spending time with nature, a child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development is promoted. At school, this is done during outdoor activity time. But you can create the same experience with a New Year’s resolution to spend more time in nature. Take a walk in a nearby park with your kids, and as you do so, ask them to notice the trees, leaves, flowers, birds, animals, and anything else you can find. Have your children describe what they see, touch, and experience as they experience these things! You can even help them plant a tree or several of them. Not only do these activities serve as a family bonding session, but they also provide learning opportunities that show them the beauty that surrounds them.

Dr. Maria Montessori was a firm believer that giving children a prepared environment helps in developing self-discipline and the feeling of responsibility. While this is possible in the classrooms at Springdale Academy, that might not always be the case when the children go home. But parents can do the same with the help of chores, or practical life skills, as they are called in Montessori education. By encouraging the child to resolve to lend a helping hand with household chores, you can turn these annoying obligations into valuable opportunities. Doing chores together helps them see housework as a happy and enjoyable part of their lives. You can spend quality time with the kids and watch them develop lifelong skills.

The key thing to remember is that regardless of the resolution your child makes, you have to be patient. Just like adults, who at times are unable to keep up with their goals, children will also fall behind. They will have questions, or they might not do it at all. However, as parents, you have to keep your cool. If you happen to get worked up, it will only confuse and scare them more.

Encourage them not to give up and instead treat it as a temporary setback that can be improved. It is never too early to develop the habit of setting and achieving goals, and patience and guidance go a long way in this regard.

If you happen to need some more ideas and tips, please get in touch with your child’s Montessori guide or visit Springdale Academy and meet us in person. There’s a whole box of resolution ideas just waiting to be unpacked. Oh, and before we forget, Happy New Year!

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