Springdale is bringing the best Summer Camp for kids! (18 Months – 6 Years)

Hello to all parents! Springdale Academy, New Jersey’s best Montessori-certified preschool, is thrilled to announce our annual summer camp for kids. Designed to provide children with an enriching and fun-filled experience, our summer camp is full of activities that will keep your tiny tots learning throughout the summer.

What is summer camp for kids for?

Springdale Academy’s summer camp will be held in July and August 2023. It offers a balance of educational and recreational activities with an emphasis on hands-on fun & learning, providing children with opportunities to develop and make new friends in a safe and nurturing environment. We are also bringing back the much-loved “Splash Days,” the perfect way to cool down in the summer. Splash days will be held every Tuesday and Friday during summer camp, so pack your child’s swimwear and extra towels! Summer camp activities at Springdale Academy will be theme-based and kick off with our “Star and Stripes Week” with “Wear Red, White, and Blue Day” and “Create Fireworks Crazy Day” in celebration of Independence Day 2023. Don’t worry, we will not create actual fireworks; instead, we plan to recreate fireworks magic through a completely safe activity. For more information and concerns, please contact your child’s Montessori guide.

The second week of July is titled “Chemistry Week,” where kids will learn “How to Make Slime.” — gooey, goopy, and messy! – What’s not to love? In addition, they will learn how to craft a “Homemade Periscope—a nifty item that will motivate our aspiring explorers—and build a catapult!

During the third week of Springdale Academy’s summer camp for kids, we will head into space to learn more about “Interstellar”. Not literally, but through “Playground Astronomy” and “Building our very own rocket ship and a solar system!” And who knows—we might just set a child or a few on the path to the stars. Space: HERE WE COME!

The camp’s fourth week aims to develop children’s innate curiosity, attention to detail, and critical thinking through our “Archaeology Week.” This will include “Hunting for the Unknown, Indiana Jones style,” and “Escape the Museum,” which will stimulate their imaginations. Wrapping it up with the kids learning to “build an igloo!”

After this, comes our “Botany/Nature Week,” where your child will become a “Bird Whisperer.” How cool is that? Then we have “Flower Pressing Art,” where they will wow us with their creativity, and finally, we will tell children the long-kept secret of “Making Thunderstorms!” Watch out, Thor—the students of New Jersey’s best preschool are coming for your throne!

Best Summer Camp for kids in NJ

In the second week of August, children will “learn all about mammals” through the aptly titled “Mammal Week.” Next, we move on to the week focused solely on games! We have treasure hunts, builders and bulldozers, and the blind trust game.
A summer camp without a “Prehistoric Week” just isn’t possible. In the fourth week of August, children will “Grow Their Dinosaur!” and then we have some good old scientific fun through “Madness to a Volcano” and “Fossil Crazy.” Learning and having fun at the same time! It makes us wish we were kids ourselves.

This finally brings us to the last week of summer camp where we decided Springdale Academy’s summer camp should end on a high note. We are bringing a “carnival” to Hillsborough, New Jersey! A whole day of fun, laughter, and treats!
So, come and join us for an unforgettable summer. Springdale Academy’s Summer Camp for Kids 2023 is THE social event for children this year. Feel free to contact us to find out how you can participate and join in on the fun as well! Montessori learning is made even more impressive, only at Springdale Academy—hands down the best preschool for your child in New Jersey!


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