Going back to school after summer holidays!

Springdale Academy’s out for the summer! The end of the school year is an exciting time for kids! The sunny days await your presence. No more pencils, no more classes. For two months, kids just get to be kids again. They get to enjoy time with their families, visit parks and museums, or travel. If you are lucky, they might soak up a bit of culture. An opportunity to channel their inner explorer and let their curiosity drive them forward.

As the kids try hard to make the most of their vacations, it’s no wonder that all this enthusiasm starts to fade away as we draw closer to the end of the holidays. Instead, they all seem to adopt a humdrum personality. Even adults tend to get overwhelmed by a sudden change, so it is understandable why a transition from the carefree days of summer to a more focused environment like a classroom is not always smooth for the children.

Springdale Academy values free will above conventional decorum within the framework of Montessori Education. But during the course of summer, concessions are made. From habits to a sense of order and sleeping patterns, everything is altered. Often, the impact of a change in routine isn’t noticed until the kids are in the thick of it. They can be raring to start every morning, confident heading into their classroom, and eager to see their classmates and teachers. However, they are offset by physical and emotional fatigue. Heading back to school is a big deal! So how can we help them?

Try to establish routines sooner rather than later. It is far more beneficial to the children if they are reintroduced to a fixed schedule a week before the holiday ends. Fixing up a regular sleep schedule where they get plenty of sleep and wake up on time is the first step. This is needed so that they won’t have to drag themselves to school in the morning. This can be followed by partnering up with them to create a nutritious breakfast. Eating habits during breaks are much different from what they are during the school year. Keeping awake and focused at school requires a healthy breakfast. (You might be interested in reading How To Reduce A Child’s Screen Time)

For many students, coming to Springdale Academy at the start of a new academic year means leaving behind the familiar surroundings of their homes. As kids follow our lead, they will eventually be excited about it as well if we are. Talk to them about their teachers and friends they haven’t seen much over the holidays or the activities they haven’t been able to do over the summer. Discuss what they want to do over the next year. It can be anything like making a new friend, learning how to ride a bike, playing a new sport, or taking up a hobby. Help them write out their goals and how they can be achieved. Ask them about the supplies they need for school and turn that shopping trip into an exploration journey. Encourage them to describe the colors, textures, and anything else that grabs their attention as they walk. An easy way to turn a shopping trip into a Montessori activity.

As the summer holidays come to an end, we want to make sure our children are prepared for what lies ahead. This is why consistency and encouragement are the keys to getting children involved and motivated. As a result, the transition becomes seamless. Get in touch with the Springdale Academy teachers to find out what else you can do to ensure that your child’s Montessori education doesn’t slide over the summer. A surefire way to start the upcoming academic year on the right foot.

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