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The fact is, learning does not concern an individual’s age. It’s even easier to absorb new
information when you’re younger, whether it’s creative or academic. It is the privilege of
watching a child develop and flourish from an infant to an adult that makes preschool education such a
crucial part of our lives.

The term early childhood education refers to a system of formal and informal teaching for children from
birth to the age of eight. Parents play a major role in helping young mind discover their “sense of self”
during the first two years of their life. A unique identity or collection of characteristics is formed by the
combination of personality traits, abilities, likes and dislikes, and moral values.

Springdale Academy understands and acknowledges the uniqueness of each child which may require the
parents to reach out for assistance. Moreover, caregivers must show the child respect and care and
treat the child positively and supportively.

Through a variety of individual and group learning exercises, children gain basic social and life skills while
experiencing freedom and having fun. We actively engage our teachers in building positive relationships
with our parents & children because these relationships have an impact on their day-to-day mindset and
build trust. Teachers and families need to work closely together to build trust and communicate openly
so the child can learn quickly and effectively.

The play areas in our classrooms are arranged according to interest areas, so your little one can choose
the activities he or she would like to engage in. A secure open space is equipped with safe and
challenging playing equipment, as well as objects that are familiar to every child. Using study boards
that reflect shapes in different sizes, colors, alphabets, languages & cultures, teachers read simple
stories while providing a complete visual experience without the use of technology.

As part of our daily routine, our children will be involved in arts & crafts, dancing, singing, and building
sandcastles in addition to learning numbers & words, and simple directions to establish a routine while
learning how to be responsible and self-reliant. Children learn how to recognize different impressions
that their senses give them through sensory activities. Learning occurs through exploration, curiosity,
problem-solving, and creativity, which help develop motor skills.

With our after-school care program, children will still be able to enjoy a fun & educational day while
public schools are closed. Then we have our annual summer camps in July & August for the children to
enjoy a wide range of activities.

The faculty at the academy undergoes the required background checks, licensing requirements, and
emergency first aid certification, including food allergy awareness and epinephrine administration, when
it comes to safety.

By providing a safe, healthy, and stimulating learning environment, we ensure your child feels secure
and knows the activities they will enjoy and learn from as well as help them develop physical,
intellectual, and social skills. Build a foundation for lifelong learning, well-being, and responsible
citizenship by integrating a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs. We encourage you to
enroll your child at Springdale Academy today because a mind is not a vessel that needs to be filled, but
rather a fire that needs to be fanned.

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