Preschool Teacher Appreciation: Celebrating the Heroes of Early Education

On March 17, 2023, schools around the country will celebrate National Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day. A day that is dedicated to expressing our gratitude and respect to preschool teachers who play a critical role in the lives of our children. They are the unsung heroes who put in an endless effort to support kids’ social, emotional, and cognitive growth as well as to provide a safe and caring atmosphere for children to grow and learn.

This is something that can be seen every day at Springdale Academy, an accredited Montessori school located in Hillsborough Township, in the center of New Jersey. The Montessori-trained teachers at Springdale Academy, also known as “directors,” “directresses,” or “guides,” are at the core of the school’s unique learning environment. They lead children through a journey of creativity, independence, and self-discovery.

The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. It included the training of character; it is a preparation of the spirit.
– Dr. Maria Montessori

The educators at Springdale Academy are exceptionally adept at studying children’s behaviors and interests and have a comprehensive understanding of how children develop. By working closely with children, our teachers identify the unique needs of every student and create a personalized educational approach that allows the children to learn at their own pace.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Montessori education children receive at Springdale Academy is having access to a “prepared environment,” where our teachers create a learning environment that encourages a child to select their work according to their interests. By providing appropriate materials and activities that stimulate a child’s natural curiosity, Springdale Academy teachers instill a love of learning in children, help them develop essential life skills, and teach them to be independent.

But not only that, the key to being a Montessori teacher is the ability to be an excellent communicator. After all, communication plays an integral part in the holistic development of the child. The faculty at Springdale Academy serves as role models for students, which is why communication between our teachers and students is built on the foundation of trust, respect, and transparency. This is not just for the student-teacher relationship but also for the teacher-parent. By being respectful, warm, and good listeners, Springdale Academy educators show children a positive way to convey their emotions and communicate through verbal and body language. This helps the children socialize, make new friends, and feel optimistic and self-assured in any situation. Positive communication is interlinked with the well-being of children, and it’s something that will last them a lifetime.

At Springdale Academy, we truly believe our Montessori “guides” are a lot more than just a teacher. They are supportive and offer warmth, security, and stability to each child while simultaneously guiding the parents about how the child’s development and habits are shaping up. In fact, by working in tandem with parents, they ensure that the child’s home and school experiences are consistent throughout.

By celebrating preschool teachers, we acknowledge the role they play in shaping the future of our children. 17th, March 2023, this Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day gives us all an opportunity to recognize and celebrate their commitment, hard work, dedication, and passion. It is a chance for us all to say thank you for the invaluable contribution they are making to our children’s lives. So, let’s come together and raise a glass to the preschool teachers everywhere for shaping the minds and hearts of the next generation, one child at a time!

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